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Fraktjakt has a wide range of services on cargo handling.

Shipping products

All major shippers in the same system

Fraktjakt currently supports the following shipping services for online purchase through EDI, ERP Connect, API integration and personal shipping contracts.


A premium membership with many exclusive benefits such as Easy order import, personal tracking pages, customized notifications, up to 20 days payment terms, and an additional 15-30% discount on our shipping rates.                         

The service is valid for one year from the subscription purchase date and it is paid annually.

Track your packages

Fraktjakt has an eagle eye on and tracks all shipments with a gorgeous mobile friendly interface and combined layout for all shipping companies.

Custom track and trace

This can be customized further to fully personal tracking pages with your own logo, text, colors and layout for your recipients.

Find closest agent

Find closest agent

Shipping contracts

With this service, you can handle freight with your own freight pick-ups through our easy-to-use transport management system, while also taking advantage of Fraktjakt's other benefits and features such as follow-up and price comparison.

If you find Fraktjakts deal better than your own, you can still choose to buy freight on our shipping contracts without transaction costs, just as usual.

  • Add more usage on demand
  • No fixation

Fraktjakt Shop

Shop packages, labels and other material needed for your shipments direct online through our webshop.

Easy order import

The easiest and quickest way to connect your webshop or business system with Fraktjakt is through our Easy Order Import.

The Order Import is completely free of charge and no installation is needed. Get started today!

Webshop integrations

Shipping should be fast & flexible

Automate your address entry and package description through an integration with your e-commerce system.

API integration

Use Fraktjakt API to integrate Fraktjakt with your IT systems.

TMS system

Your membership in Fraktjakt includes a complete cloud based TMS (Transport Management System) Totally free.

Return shipment

Fraktjakt has built in support for and management of your customers' return shipments.

Receiver paid shipping

With Fraktjakt's built-in support for receiver paid and prepaid shipping, you can easily prepare and buy shipping that you then let others handle.

Package templates

Use Package templates to save the time required to enter package dimensions for new deliveries that reuse the same packaging sizes that you're usually using.

Packing methods

In order to keep the shipping cost down, purchased goods need to be packaged into as few and small packages as possible. Very often this makes it is difficult to know in advance how large the final package will be and how many shipments are needed to transport the customer's goods.

This is a big problem for those web shops who want to show their customers real shipping costs. It is also an unnecessary obstacle when booking freights quickly because it requires constant manual work to choose the right package size.

Personal notifications

Reach your customers with custom notifications

Automatic shipping selections

Speed up your shipment creation by selecting shipping service automatically for incoming shipping integrations so that they wind up as complete shipments directly in your cart.

Cheaper shipping

Save time and money with our pre-negotiated shipping contracts with shipping rates to major customer discounts and our free TA system where the only thing you need to pay for is your shipping.

Automatic address register

A complete address book with contacts. Where each contact can have multiple addresses connectedm with contact information and locale, to speed up your shipping.

All contacts are of course fully searchable, editable and can also be created from your previous shipments.


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