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New collaboration between Fraktjakt and If Insurance

Through our new group insurance at If Insurance, we want to create greater security for our customers' goods during transport regardless which carrier you choose to use when you book your freight through Fraktjakt.

We insure your commodity in three levels
Value of goods Cost Deductible
< SEK 30 000 SEK 75 SEK 500
< SEK 80 000 SEK 225 SEK 1 500
< SEK 200 000 SEK 695 SEK 2 000

The cost refers to the shipments with the unique booking number you are assigned when booking the shipping. You only pay the excess when the complaint is approved and compensation is paid.
The insurance does not apply to mail services.

Be sure to read the terms and conditions for terms and conditions for If Insurance.

Automate your commodity insurances

Now we also introduce the possibility to automate your insurance choices. You will find the new insurance choices in the new dedicated settings page for insurances, as well as under your usual settings.

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FAQ about insurance

What are the terms for the shipping insurance?

Fraktjakt's shipping insurance provides comprehensive protection. If you have not used Fraktjakt's shipping insurance, your shipment will be uninsured. If there is no insurance, the carrier's limited coverage applies. Fraktjakt's shipping insurance applies to all of Fraktjakt's trackable shipping services (but not mail services such as PostNord Varubrev).

The main exceptions are loss or damage caused by:

  • The product's own nature, this includes i.a. temperature influence
  • Deficient packing, labelling, poor packaging or damage due to the goods not being prepared for transport
  • Already damaged goods
  • Delay - whatever the reason
  • War or war-like events
  • Strike or labor market disputes
Some of these exceptions can be fully or partially co-insured. It is important to think about whether, for example, you are going to insure temperature-sensitive goods.

Goods that are not covered by Fraktjakt's shipping insurance are:

  • Already damaged goods, art, valuables (e.g. jewellery, precious metals and stones, stamps, bonds and money), sawn wooden items and timber, foodstuffs - fresh and frozen, pharmaceuticals, tobacco and alcoholic beverages, live animals, containers and other cargo carriers or oil, gas and other fossil fuels.
  • Fraktjakt's shipping insurance does not apply to the following destinations: Belarus, Russia, South Sudan, Syria, Ukraine, Yemen

You will find more detailed information about If Insurance on their site.

How do I get compensation for damaged or lost goods?

If the goods should disappear or damage occurs during shipping, you need report this as soon as possible to obtain the possibility of damages.

If the shipping is purchased on Fraktjakt's shipping contracts, our customer service can help you conduct a complaint process against the shipping company. For freight purchased against own shipping contracts you need to contact the shipping companies directly.

Complaints can take up to 3 months to be processed by the carrier. For export freight may take a little longer as recipient countries must respond to the notification made from Sweden.

A supplementary insurance does not guarantee that compensation is always paid if the accident should occur and an injury occurs. The complaint (damage) must first be approved by the carrier for such a supplement to apply and compensation can be paid.

  Claim damaged packages

  Claim lost packages

What happens in the event of an claim if I have insurance?

The claim is reported to Fraktjakt in the usual way. If Skadeförsäkring will then handle your claim and may contact you with questions regarding your claim. If will also handle the claim payment to you.

If you have questions regarding an ongoing claim, please contact your claim handler at If.

Can I get help filling out the customs declaration?

Fraktjakt's system automatically informs about the most common tasks required for the import and export of goods. We also create the most common customs documents for your shipments automatically together with other shipping documents.

Our customer service is happy to help you if something is still unclear, so also the shipping companies you bought the shipping through, but you get the most current and specific information for your particular shipping via your own national Customs agency.

There you can also look up the product codes for your goods and see exact terms and tax rates that apply to them to your receiving country.

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