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Fraktjakt is a shipping system free of charge where anyone can easily search, purchase and book shipments.

Fraktjakt is also a complete TMS system where you easily manage your shipments online with bookings, shipping labels, track & trace, notifications, returns and possibility for order import and integration through our smart API.

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Your complete shipping solution

Fraktjakt is your personal logistics partner. We offer innovative solutions that take your transport management to a new level. Fraktjakt optimizes your shipping costs and provides you with industry-specific solutions such as custom designed tracking pages, personalised shipment notifications and built-in return shipping.

A more enjoyable shipping

Shipping should neither be difficult nor time consuming. That's why we offer many simplifying solutions like an Automatic address register, Smarter addresses, Intelligent commodity templates, Smart package templates, Automatic packing calculations, Shipping integrations, Automatic shipping selections, E-commerce integration and the shipping world's easiest order import for a much faster booking process. You are able to combine invoices even on shipments from different shipping companies and providing really good service goes without saying, where our popular customer support navigates your through all adventures your shipping may experience. Happy shipping!

Affordable shipping for everyone

We offer affordable shipping, domestic and foreign, where you can utilize our prenegotiated shipping contracts with major bulk discounts already from start.

If you already have favorable shipping contracts, it is also possible to use your own Individual shipping contracts with Fraktjakt's transportation management system.

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You register an user account absolutely free of charge and can easily track and manage your shipments. The only thing you pay for is the actual shipping cost when you purchase a shipment!

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Since 2008

Fraktjakt started in 2008 as a clean comparison site, comparing shipping and delivery times. In 2009, Fraktjakt was appointed the Web Entrepreneur of the Year by the Internetworld magazine.

Today, ten years later, we provide a full-scale TA system where we help both individuals and companies in their transportation management. Fraktjakt has launched many industry-unique solutions where new smart features are continuously incorporated into the service to facilitate and improve our customers' shipping experience.

We are currently collaborating with all major shippers like Posten, Schenker, DHL, Privpak, Bussgods, FedEx, UPS, Fraktkompaniet and others, where we have many unique transportation management solutions.

How is Fraktjakt operated?

Our company is credit worthy according to Bisnodes credit assessment system that is based on a number of decision rules. This credit rating is updated on a daily basis, and always shows the current rating and date.
The site Fraktjakt.se is based on a unique proprietary platform. The site is independently owned and operated by the company Fraktjakt AB, and is a free service for anyone looking for better and more personal shipping.

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