Save time and money with our pre-negotiated shipping contracts with shipping rates to major customer discounts and our free TA system where the only thing you need to pay for is your shipping.

Flexible och easy with low-priced shipping for everyone!

We offer affordable shipping, domestic and foreign, where you can utilize our prenegotiated shipping contracts with major bulk discounts already from start. If you later on want to lower your shipping costs further, then we offer even greater discounts through our premium service Fraktjakt+.

If you already have favorable shipping contracts, it is also possible to use your own Individual shipping contracts with Fraktjakt's transportation management system. Even lower shipping costs

Shipping prices Free account Fraktjakt+
Price example
(Domestic freight 1-3kg, company to private person)
We always show shipping prices *all-in, which means that both pick-up, fuel charges and other addons are included in the price unlike many others.
All-in*: SEK 82
All-in*: SEK 64

Our pricing - You decide!

With Fraktjakt's free account you pay only for what you are using, not a penny more. Our user accounts have no startup costs, no subscription fees and no hidden fees. You decide if you want to upgrade to our premium account Fraktjakt+ or start a subscription for Individual Contracts to use your own shipping contracts with Fraktjakt TMS.

Here's an overview of all our price models.

/ month
Create shipping documents, book pickup, notifications, track parcels, support, integration

Pay for what you use

  • Discounted shipping
  • No hidden fees
    No startup fees
    No subscription fees
  • Cost = Your shipment purchases
  • Direct control over your shipping costs
Get started!
SEK 58
/ month
Basic offering:
Same as Fraktjakt

Even more benefits!

  • Even lower shipping costs
    Additional 15-30% discounts
  • Easy order import
  • Custom track and trace
  • Custom return shipment
  • Custom notifications
  • 20 day payment terms
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Fraktjakt Own contract
SEK 69
/ month
Basic offering:
Same as Fraktjakt, except that you need to contact the carrier's own customer support for your own contract shipments

Best of both worlds

  • All benefits from Fraktjakt TMS and your own individual shipping contracts
  • Compare your shipping contracts
  • Expand your selection of shipping services
  • Direct control over your shipping costs
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Questions about our pricing? Contact us, and we help you!

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