With Fraktjakt's free account you pay only for what you are using, not a penny more. Our user accounts have no startup costs, no subscription fees and no hidden fees. You decide if you want to upgrade to our premium account Fraktjakt+ or start a subscription for Individual Contracts to use your own shipping contracts with Fraktjakt TMS.

Here's an overview of all our price models.

/ month
Create shipping documents, book pickup, notifications, track parcels, support, integration

Pay for what you use

  • Discounted shipping
  • No hidden fees
    No startup fees
    No subscription fees
  • Cost = Your shipment purchases
  • Direct control over your shipping costs
Get started!
SEK 79
/ month
Basic offering:
Same as Fraktjakt

Even more benefits!

  • Get rid of advertisments
  • Easier order import
  • Custom track and trace
  • Custom return shipment
  • Custom notifications
  • 20 day payment terms
  • Shipment statistics
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Fraktjakt Own contract
/ month
SEK 1.39 / package with own contract
Basic offering:
Same as Fraktjakt, except that you need to contact the carrier's own customer support for your own contract shipments

Best of both worlds

  • All benefits from Fraktjakt TMS and your own individual shipping contracts
  • Compare your shipping contracts
  • Expand your selection of shipping services
  • Direct control over your shipping costs
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