One system - many advantages!

With this service, you can handle freight with your own freight pick-ups through our easy-to-use transport management system, while also taking advantage of Fraktjakt's other benefits and features such as follow-up and price comparison.

If you find Fraktjakts deal better than your own, you can still choose to buy freight on our shipping contracts without transaction costs, just as usual.


SEK 0/month*

Individual shipping contract - Free trial!

Use your own shipping contract with Fraktjakt TMS. Try free of charge for 30 days.

30 day trial

SEK 69/month*

Individual shipping contract

Use your own individual shipping contract with Fraktjakt TMS. Compare your contract prices with other shipping options and get better control of your shipping costs. All Fraktjakt functions such as price calculations, booking, printing, freight connections, automation and adaptations can also be used for shipping booked against your own agreements. The service is valid for one year from the day you purchase the subscription and it is paid annually. The subscription can only be subscribed to by companies.

For each shipment booked on your own individual shipping contract, there is a transaction fee of SEK 1.39* for each package in the shipment. The fees are charged periodically on your consolidated invoice.

Purchased annually: Total cost SEK 828 (plus transaction fees).*

* Please note that prices exclude VAT and that suscriptions are purchased annually.

Worth noting when booking with your own individual shipping contract is that you have entered into an agreement with the carrier yourself, that you will be invoiced for the cost of your transport directly from your carrier. In this case, Fraktjakt only acts as a traditional TMS, where questions about your shipping, invoices and complaints are taken directly with your carrier.

This is included


It is currently possible to manage your own individual shipping contracts with the following shippers:

See which of the shipping services that are being supported today.

How it works

  1. Create or log in to your company account.
  2. Start a subscription for own Individual shipping contract, or use Individual shipping contract - Free trial! 30 days for free.
  3. Enter the customer number and other information for each shipping contract that you want to use via Fraktjakt.
  4. Fraktjakt confirms and approves your information.
  5. Get started shipping!

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