Is Fraktjakt a shipping company?

No, we help you find the most suitable shipping company and shipping service. We convey shipping services, but do not ship any goods ourself.

Is the shipping price calculated on weight or dimensions and volume?

The price is calculated on both volume and weight, but it may also include fuel costs for delivery distance, pickup surcharge, metropolitan area surcharge and a variety of other charges, where each shipping company has different calculation methods.

In stark contrast to other sites, Fraktjakt always displays our prices "all-inclusive", with all mandatory additional charges, so that the actual shipping cost will be as transparent as possible for the consumer. However, depending on whether you miss a pick-up, the goods are considered to be poorly packaged, labels are missing, dimensions and weight are not correct or the recipient does not admit the shipment, there may be additional charges that we can not predict. Please read about additional charges in the terms for each shipping service or contact our customer service if you have any questions.


Why should I use Fraktjakt?

• Save money with Fraktjakt
• Save time with Fraktjakt
• Manage all your shipments and different shipping companies with an easy to use overview

Is the shipping cost less expensive on Fraktjakt?

We offer affordable shipping, domestic and foreign, where you can utilize our prenegotiated shipping contracts with major bulk discounts already from start. If you later on want to lower your shipping costs further, then we offer even greater discounts through our premium service Fraktjakt+.

If you already have favorable shipping contracts, it is also possible to use your own shipping contracts with Fraktjakt's transportation management system.

Does it cost anything to use Fraktjakt?

Nej! You can search, compare shipping services and register a user account at no cost. There is no additional fee other than the actual shipping cost itself. Thankfully at a great rebate! (see above)

What are the benefits of registering a user account?

Through registering on Fraktjakt, you collect all your shipments in your order list and save tracking information. You are also able to view a complete list of all the specific shipping services instead of just the cheapest and fastest alternative.


What payment methods are available on Fraktjakt?

Direct payment via din Internetbank: Handelsbanken, Nordea eller Swedbank. Du kopplas vidare till din internetbank, log in som vanligt och utför betalningen omgående.
Credit Card med Visa eller MasterCard i samarbete med Payer Financial Services AB. När du betalar med kort skickas du vidare till en säker sida med SSL-certifikat hos Payer Financial Services AB, där du tryggt fyller i dina kortuppgifter och genomför betalningen direkt.
Swish, private persons can utilize Swish as a payment option.
Invoice with 15 days (30 days for Fraktjakt+) som betalningsvillkor. Vi tar en fakturaavgift på 20 kr.
Monthly Invoice, contact support.

Read more about our payment options.

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