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Here we have compiled answers to the most frequently asked questions about Fraktjakt.


Why should I use Fraktjakt?

Is the shipping less expensive on Fraktjakt?

We offer affordable shipping, domestic and foreign, where you can utilize our prenegotiated shipping contracts with major bulk discounts already from start.

If you already have favorable shipping contracts, it is also possible to use your own Individual shipping contracts with Fraktjakt's transportation management system.

Does it cost anything to use Fraktjakt?


Fraktjakt's basic accounts are completely free to register and use.
There are no hidden nor monthly fees. The only thing that you need to pay for are your actual shipment purchases. In addition, you get a good discount on the shipping price!

If you ever grow out of our basic account and need more functions, Fraktjakt also offers support for your indidual shipping contracts and our premium service Fraktjakt+ with industry-unique solutions that simplify and speed up your freight management further, but these are voluntary and not required to use Fraktjakt.

Read a more detailed rundown about our Prices.

What are the benefits of registering a user account?

By registering as a user on Fraktjakt, you can buy your freight faster, with address registers and saved templates for standard packaging and content, as well as access to our simple order connections, automation, feedback, tracking and multi-user systems that give you an overview and statistics of your freight purchase.


What payment methods are available on Fraktjakt?

  • Direct payment via your Internetbank: Handelsbanken, Nordea or Swedbank. You will be connected to your internet bank.
  • Credit Card with Visa or MasterCard in cooperation with Payer Financial Services AB. Your data will be sent with a secure SSL certificate at Payer Financial Services AB, where you can safely enter your payment details directly.
  • Swish, private persons can utilize Swish as a payment option.
  • Masterpass, quick access to your stored card information.
  • Daily Consolidated Invoice with 10 days (20 days for Fraktjakt+) as payment terms. For invoices delivered via e-mail, an invoicing fee of SEK 0 (SEK 0 incl. VAT) is added. For invoices delivered by letter, an invoicing fee of SEK 32 (SEK 40 incl. VAT) will be added.
  • Weekly Consolidated Invoice, contact support.


Is Fraktjakt a shipping company?

No, we help you find the most suitable shipping company and shipping service. We convey shipping services, but do not ship any goods ourself.

Is the shipping price calculated on weight or dimensions and volume?

The price is calculated on both volume and weight, but it may also include fuel costs for delivery distance, pickup surcharge, metropolitan area surcharge and a variety of other charges, where each shipping company has different calculation methods.

In stark contrast to other sites, Fraktjakt always displays our prices "all-inclusive", with all mandatory additional charges, so that the actual shipping cost will be as transparent as possible for the consumer. However, depending on whether you miss a pick-up, the goods are considered to be poorly packaged, labels are missing, dimensions and weight are not correct or the recipient does not admit the shipment, there may be additional charges that we can not predict. Please read about additional charges in the terms for each shipping service or contact our customer service if you have any questions.

How do you pack safely and properly?

It is always your own responsibility to pack your items properly so that they neither gets damaged nor damage other packages during transport.

Read more about our Pack safely.

How do I get compensation for damaged or lost goods?

If the goods should disappear or damage occurs during shipping, you need report this as soon as possible to obtain the possibility of damages.

If the shipping is purchased on Fraktjakt's shipping contracts, our customer service can help you conduct a complaint process against the shipping company. For freight purchased against own shipping contracts you need to contact the shipping companies directly.

Complaints can take up to 3 months to be processed by the carrier. For export freight may take a little longer as recipient countries must respond to the notification made from Sweden.

A supplementary insurance does not guarantee that compensation is always paid if the accident should occur and an injury occurs. The complaint (damage) must first be approved by the carrier for such a supplement to apply and compensation can be paid.

Customs declarations

What is a Commercial Invoice?

Om handelsfakturor

Handelsfaktura eller Commercial Invoice är en viktig del av klareringsprocessen där tullmyndigheter klassificerar gods så att tullavgifter och skatter kan bedömas korrekt. Alla försändelse till länder utanför den Europeiska unionen (EU) kräver en handelsfaktura. Ingen handelsfaktura krävs för varor som skickas inom EU, undantaget Cypern, Grekland och Malta, samt områden utanför EUs punktskatteområden som Åland och Kanarieöarna.
Korrekt och fullständig information på en handelsfaktura är mycket viktigt för att få en snabb tullhantering.
De flesta fraktbolag kräver en handelsfaktura med tre kopior, alla individuellt signerad. De rekommenderar även att du lägga en extra kopia i paketet.
Signeringen behöver inte vara i orginal. Om du inte är den som själv skall skriva under handelsfakturan, går det bra att kopiera och faxa orginalhandlingarna.

Om du väljer att skapa en egen blankett finns här instruktioner om hur du ska fylla i en handelsfaktura.

Om du av någon anledning inte kan använda vår ifyllda blankett, kan du ladda ner en tom blankett.
Var medveten om att vissa länder ibland inte godkänner handskriva handelsfakturor.
Om inte dokumentet är korrekt kan frakten stoppas av mottagande tull. Fraktjakt kommer då att fakturera för de merkostnader som kan uppstå.

Shipping prices

Is the shipping less expensive with Fraktjakt?

We offer affordable shipping, domestic and foreign, where you can utilize our prenegotiated shipping contracts with major bulk discounts already from start.

If you already have favorable shipping contracts, it is also possible to use your own Individual shipping contracts with Fraktjakt's transportation management system.

Does the shipping cost include taxes?

If you are applying as a private individual, VAT is included in the price, but if you are applying as a company, the price is displayed without VAT. There is always a text above or below the prices that tells whether the prices include VAT or not.


What print formats does Fraktjakt support?

Fraktjakt supports the following print formats

  • A4 paper

    Print on standard A4 paper.

    A4 paper Printer_a4

  • Labels 104 x 268 mm on A4

    Shipping labels in STE format 104 x 268 mm, with a receipt part, on A4 for printing on a regular A4 printer.

    Labels 104 x 268 mm on A4 Printer_a4

  • Labels 105 x 251 mm

    Labels in format 105 x 251 mm for dedicated label printers.

    Labels 105 x 251 mm Printer_a4

  • Labels 105 x 220 mm

    Labels in format 105 x 220 mm for dedicated label printers.

    Labels 105 x 220 mm Printer_a4

How do I setup a label printer?

You print shipping labels cheaper and more easy with a label printer.
We recommend the label printers TSC DA210/DA220 and Zebra GK420D.

Hint: You can purchase TSC DA210 cheap online in en, our_own_webshop.

Wrong print size?

If you experience problems with the size of the prints, then you should first check that you entered the correct print format in Fraktjakt before you created the shipment. You can not change the print type retroactively on already purchased shipments.

You may also need to change the printer settings on your computer.

(See screnshot for TSC printers)

(See screenshot for Zebra printers)

Not finding what you search for?

Please contact our support.

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