Powerful multi user system

The more the merrier

Instead of charging per user, we encourage you to make it easier for your employees and your organization. With Fraktjakt you get a powerful multi-user system in the bargain.

Prepared for growing companies

Add multiple users and administrators to your businesses without hindrance. Just like Fraktjakt's TMS system, all user accounts are also free.

Each employee can have their own account, so you can more easily see who is doing what.

In most companies it is important to be able to see who handled a freight to a customer and who bought what. In Fraktjakt you can.

Our different account types

Our account types are divided into user accounts, company accounts, integrations and departments.

User accounts

The user account is what you log in with and which determines who you are personally. With it, you can buy shipping as a private person. User accounts can create new companies and be linked to our other account types, so that they become administrators and are responsible for a company, its integrations or departments.

Company accounts

Business accounts are needed to buy business services such as corporate freight, freight agreements and Fraktjakt+. A company account always has one or more user accounts linked to it. A company can create new integrations and departments that are linked to the company.


Integrations are needed to create an order connection or other integration with an external business system or online store. With the integration, you can automatically transfer order information such as addresses, contact information, content and value to quickly and easily create new shipments automatically. Each integration is linked to a company account with one or more user accounts as administrators and a user account that is preset if functions such as auto-login are used.


Departments are there to create subdivisions of an existing company, where both the departments and the company share the same organization number. Each department functions in every other way as an independent company with the possibility of its own settings, addresses, shipping agreements, users and so on.

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