Custom track and trace

More personal & efficient transport communication

Fraktjakt has an eagle eye and tracks all shipping with a gorgeous mobile responsive interface and combined layout for all shipping companies.

This can be customized further to fully personal tracking pages with your own logo, text, colors and layout for your recipients.

Requested by your customers

Did you know that 90% of consumers e-shopping today want to be able to follow the package.

Did you also know that emails with package tracking has a much higher reading rate than regular newsletters and advertisements where 80% are thrown directly.

Did you also know that a customer who awaits a package often traces his package several times during the trip. In other words, through your own packet tracking page, there are additional opportunities to reach out with just your message and brand.

More personal tracking in a matter of minutes

It is surprinsingly quick and simple to acquire a personal tracking page on Fraktjakt.

Just dive into your company or webshop settings and try out different designs easily by changing style templates, texts, logo, fonts, sizes and colors for your customer's package tracking.

It's also possible to hide Fraktjakt's shell, like the title and menu bars, from incoming links outside of Fraktjakt, so that you truly can give your customers a personal experience.

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