Free TMS

Your membership in Fraktjakt includes a complete cloud based TMS (Transport Management System) Totally free.

Always present with cloud administration

With Fraktjakt's web-based TMS, you can search, buy, book pickup and print shipping document. Everything conveniently from your own computer, laptop, tablet or phone without any installations and wherever you are. As long as you have an internet connection, you will always have access to your shipments and do not have to worry about losing data or systems being installed on another device.

The shipments can then be announced through various notifications, followed up, tracked and you are also able to create return shipment. All with customization options for custom track and trace, personalised shipment notifications and instructions with your own logo, layout and message.

Get control of your expenses

Unlike several other TA systems, you'll see the shipping cost already before the purchase and invoice appears in the mailbox. Therefore, you get significantly better control of your costs and can choose the cheapest and most efficient shipping service for each individual case.

All your shipping needs in one easy solution!

You are not locked to just a few shipping services but always have access to all major shippers in the same system

Whether you already have your own individual shipping contracts or not, Fraktjakt manages all shipping services in the same manner. Choose the best, fastest, or least expensive services from all major shipping companies. You also have the opportunity to compare each of your current shipping agreements with each other, as well as with Fraktjakt's favorable group discounts.

Free transport management

Why pay more for less?
Avoid expensive monthly subscriptions. Fraktjakt's Transport Management System (TMS) are totally free and even includes a powerful multi user system free of charge!

You can easily scale up and buy our premium service Fraktjakt+ for even better shipping rates or subscription to use your own Individual shipping contracts when needed.

Start your Fraktjakt today!

Existing shipping modules for webshops

Fraktjakt also offers ready-made solutions for webshops and business systems.

The modules are ready for installation and you will have a complete shipping integration within a matter of minutes!

  Read more about our complete solutions for shipment integration

Customized integration

If you require a unique integration with your own shipping system or with other features, then you're welcome to use our open API free of charge.

Use Fraktjakt's API to integrate with your IT system

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