Buy shipping for others with you as the recipient

With Fraktjakt's built-in support for receiver paid and prepaid shipping, you can easily prepare and buy shipping that you then let others handle.

Creating prepaid shipping is not more difficult than clicking a button. Then the actual sender is automatically notified with instructions for managing the shipment.

What is prepaid shipping?

Fraktjakt has built-in support for both return shipping and regular prepaid shipping.

Unlike return shipping, where customers return goods, prepaid shipping needs no origin freight to be created. It is simply a freight where you, as a freight buyer, are also the recipient of the freight.

Sender instructions

Fraktjakt automatically sends out a notice with all the instructions needed to print the freight documents, book any pick-up or find the nearest representative.

Personal customizations and layout

Fraktjakt+ customers can even customize logo, colors and layout of the shipping instructions towards your sender, so that it fits seamlessly into your own company profile.

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