Every shipping document direct to your printer

We create all the shipping documents required in the format that you need directly to your printer.

Customized to your requirements

Fraktjakt supports a wide variety of print formats, where each document and label are customized to adapt to the current format.
  • A4 paper

    Print on standard A4 paper.

    Paper_format_ste Printer_a4

  • Labels 104 x 268 mm on A4

    Shipping labels in STE format 104 x 268 mm, with a receipt part, on A4 for printing on a regular A4 printer.

    Paper_format_ste Printer_a4

  • Labels 105 x 251 mm

    Labels in format 105 x 251 mm for dedicated label printers.

    Paper_format_ste Printer_a4

  • Labels 105 x 220 mm

    Labels in format 105 x 220 mm for dedicated label printers.

    Paper_format_ste Printer_a4

More than just labels and waybills

Unlike simpler TMS that only create shipping labels and waybills, Fraktjakt also helps with shipping manifests, packing slips and even fills in your customs documents for Proforma Invoices, Commercial Invoices automatically.

Fraktjakt creates Customs documents for shipments from you.
If you create your own customs documents, such as commercial invoice, then you can choose to not allow Fraktjakt to create them.

Commercial invoice is used to describe goods that is exported for sale and it is an important part of the clearance process used by customs officials to classify merchandise so that duties & taxes can be correctly assessed.

Proforma invoice is used instead of a commercial invoice if the importer has not bought the goods. Thus, if the goods are not for sale, such as for gifts, samples, returns and repairs.
Proforma Invoice normally is not a requirement in the EU customs union

Master documents for easier handling

Fraktjakt also creates master documents containing the orders all shipping documents, for easier and faster handling of your prints.

Even faster with automated printing

Let Fraktjakt send all your shipping labels and other shipping documents automatically to your printer servers and avoid the unecessary hassle of manually having to print out the documents. Easier, faster and more efficient with our automation!

Shipping should be quick & easy!

Avoid the boring input of addresses and shipping information through an automatic connection between your ecommerce system and Fraktjakt.

With Fraktjakt you can easily handle all your shipping online. Fraktjakt is a free service to more easily compare and buy freight services from several different shipping companies with or without their own freight agreements.

A more enjoyable shipping

Shipping should neither be difficult nor time consuming. That's why we offer many simplifying solutions like an Automatic address register, Smarter addresses, Intelligent commodity templates, Smart package templates, Automatic packing calculations, Shipping integrations, Automatic shipping selections, E-commerce integration and the shipping world's easiest order import for a much faster booking process. You are able to combine invoices even on shipments from different shipping companies and providing really good service goes without saying, where our popular customer support navigates your through all adventures your shipping may experience. Happy shipping!

Goodbye boredom and inefficiency

Get rid of boring and tedious shipping management and let shipping become fun again with Fraktjakt automation.

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