Easy order import

Leap to an easier order import!

An order import is nothing stranger than a connection between your orders and the shipments that you purchase on Fraktjakt.

The Fraktjakt Order Import reduces the risk of errors and saves you time needed to maintin customer records in different systems.

You get an easier, faster and more efficient handling of each and every shipment.

Order details
Complete shipments

Quick and easy

The Fraktjakt Easy Order Import requires no complicated installations or knowledge in programming. Depending on the system, Fraktjakt guides you how to activate the connection. Quick and easy. Then your can start importing your orders directly to Fraktjakt complete with adresses and content descriptions.

It can not get easier than that!

You will find all information needed to get started with our Easy Order Import directly under your Webshop settings.

Order import free of charge

Our new easy order import is included free of charge for all members of Fraktjakt+.

In contrast to our competitors, we charge you no setup fee for this order connection, no monthly fee, no yearly fee nor any transaction fee per shipment for our order connection. You will only need to pay for your usual Fraktjakt+ membership and the actual shipments!

Order Import with callback

Fraktjakt's Easy Order Import includes a built-in callback feature that via webhooks can update your webshop's order status automatically depending on the shipping status.

You can easily set which delivery statuses you want to trigger and which statuses these should result in in your webshop orders.

Supported systems

More systems will be added as needed. Please contact us if you are missing your own system from this list.

Limits for the Order Import

Easy Order Import is our easiest integration. It is perfect for quickly transferring orders with freight data to Fraktjakt. But the Order Import is only designed for the merchant. It is only you that can select and book shipments. What the Order Import does not replace are shipping modules to show shipping prices and options for your customers.

When do I need more than the easy Order Import?

There are already built-in features and add-ons in e-commerce systems that you can use to present shipping options with fixed or more or less dynamic prices to your customers. If you want more precise price calculations so you can either integrate with our Open API or install some of the existing shipping modules for webshops.

Start order importing today!

Our easy ordering is even easier than you dare to believe. If you already have a Fraktjakt+ subscription with a linked online store account, just click on the Webshop settings.

On the settings page, you first choose the right webbutikssystem, then create Fraktjakt a customized integration file for your ecommerce system with your personal order import key.

Upload this personal script to your web server. Then you can activate the Easy order import and start importing your orders to Fraktjakt.

In order to avoid processing out of date orders, we recommend that you click to reset the order link from your last order number. Other useful settings are the least important for importing, where you can set a limit for small items that will instead be sent as letters, as well as a time span between which times we will automatically pick up and prepare shipping from your new orders.

Imported orders are posted as pending shipping in your shipping list. These can then be either chosen to process or delete. Treated shipment ends up with your freight pickup right in the shopping cart and can be bought and ordered as usual.

Happy Order Importing!


The purpose of our Easy Order Import is that it should work directly out of the box without manual intervention, but sometimes there may be specific customer wishes and foreign server environments, which may require action. Here are the solution to possible issues.


Upload the file 'fraktjakt.php' to the root of your webshop installation, so it is accessible like the following: https://www.yourstore.com/fraktjakt.php
Or for subfolder installations: https://www.yourstore.com/litecart/fraktjakt.php

Important! Remember to always backup your data before applying changes to your platform. Fraktjakt is not responsible for any complications that might occur when you change the script or webshop.

What orders to import

Your order link is preset on the order statuses that are standard to be ready to ship in your e-commerce system.

If you have installed additions or changes in the system, you may also need to change which statuses apply to the orders to be transferred to Freight Hunt. Open the downloaded file in a text editor and change the $order_statuses line to the statuses that apply to your current system.

# Return orders by the following order statuses
$order_statuses = [1]; // Example [1, 2, ...]

You can also specify which order number the order connection should start with at the next order connection to avoid older orders being downloaded over. You set this directly under your integration settings in Fraktjakt. The Start Order ID is then automatically counted up to the last order you downloaded over, so that future order connections skip already connected orders.


The Easy Order Import also has a built-in callback, so that the status of the orders in your webshop easily can be updated when, for example, the shipment has been sent or received.

The shipping events that can generate a callback are the following; 'created', 'incomplete', 'complete', 'ready_to_ship', 'shipped', 'delivered', 'attention' and 'returned'.

Look for the following section in your Easy Order Import and decide what status each event should result in in your online store. This requires basic knowledge of your e-commerce system's different status levels for your orders and what the status ID of each status is. Enter '0' or 'null' to skip and avoid changing the status of the order.

 # Set new order status id upon notifications, set 0 or null to skip
$new_order_statuses = [
'created' => 0,
'incomplete' => 0,
'complete' => 0,
'ready_to_ship' => 0,
'shipped' => 3,
'delivered' => 0,
'attention' => 0,
'returned' => 0,


If you need to debug your order import you can upload the file fraktjakt_debug.inc.php placing it next to your file fraktjakt.php. Doing so will unlock the following features:
  • Examine JSON output
  • Enable PHP Strict error reporting
  • Turn on PHP error displaying
  • Show a complete backtrace of an error
  • Log PHP errors to disk
  • Log incoming requests to fraktjakt.log
  • Set Date and X-Checksum headers if missing. This way you can open the URLs straight in your browser to make sure the output is fine.

These are the valid endpoints you can test using your browser:

HTTP GET https://www.yoursite.tld/fraktjakt.php/orders
HTTP GET https://www.yoursite.tld/fraktjakt.php/orders/{orderid}
HTTP POST https://www.yoursite.tld/fraktjakt.php/notifications
HTTP GET https://www.yoursite.tld/fraktjakt.php/info

Please note having fraktjakt_debug.inc.php present poses a security risk. Therefore it should be removed when no longer needed.


NGINX users may need to add a rewrite directive to their NGINX configuration.

location / {
rewrite ^/fraktjakt.php/ /fraktjakt.php last; # <--- See this line
try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php?$query_string;

Problems accessing fraktjakt.php?

Later versions of Magento change the .htaccess so that you cannot access fraktjakt.php in the root. You may then need to insert the following line in .htaccess:

 RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/pub/
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/setup/
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/update/
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/dev/
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !fraktjakt\.php$ # <--- Add
RewriteRule .* /pub/$0 [L]
DirectoryIndex index.php

Technical documentation

Download our technical documentation for additional information if, for example, you want to troubleshoot further, customize your integration or develop your own order import.

  Download technical documentation

Shipping should be quick & easy!

Avoid the boring input of addresses and shipping information through an automatic connection between your ecommerce system and Fraktjakt.

With Fraktjakt you can easily handle all your shipping online. Fraktjakt is a free service to more easily compare and buy freight services from several different shipping companies with or without their own freight agreements.

A more enjoyable shipping

Shipping should neither be difficult nor time consuming. That's why we offer many simplifying solutions like an Automatic address register, Smarter addresses, Intelligent commodity templates, Smart package templates, Automatic packing calculations, Shipping integrations, Automatic shipping selections, E-commerce integration and the shipping world's easiest order import for a much faster booking process. You are able to combine invoices even on shipments from different shipping companies and providing really good service goes without saying, where our popular customer support navigates your through all adventures your shipping may experience. Happy shipping!

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