Compare & Purchase

Fraktjakt offers different ways to compare and purchase shipments.

Return shipment

Fraktjakt has built in support for and management of your customers' return shipments.

Receiver paid shipping

With Fraktjakt's built-in support for receiver paid and prepaid shipping, you can easily prepare and buy shipping that you then let others handle.

Shipping products

All major shippers in the same system

Fraktjakt currently supports the following shipping services for online purchase through EDI, ERP Connect, API integration and personal shipping contracts.


Get rid of boring and tedious shipping management and let shipping become fun again with Fraktjakt automation.

Cheaper shipping

Save time and money with our pre-negotiated shipping contracts with shipping rates to major customer discounts and our free TA system where the only thing you need to pay for is your shipping.

Automatic shipping selections

Speed up your shipment creation by selecting shipping service automatically for incoming shipping integrations so that they wind up as complete shipments directly in your cart.

Shipping contracts

With this service, you can create and manage shipments with your own contracts through our easy-to-use system, while also taking advantage of Fraktjakt's other benefits and unique features such as follow-up, integrations, automation, customizations and price comparison.
  • Compare your shipping contracts
  • No fixation

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