Automatic choice of shipping

Expand your selection of shipping services

No carrier is best at all, so we are also sure that the transport needs of the future will require several different transporters and freight services in order to meet a company's entire transport needs.

With Fraktjakt you do not lock yourself up to a few freight providers, instead, you get access to all our integrated shipping services without extra cost.

Faster and more efficient with automated shipping selection

Fraktjakt automates your shipping on many levels, to make your shipping faster and a more pleasant experience.

Besides automating your address and goods input with our Integrations and automatic Packing optimization, you can also automate the selection of a preferred shipping product, so that your integrated shipments end up directly in your cart.

Your choices, but faster

Speed up your shipment creation by selecting shipping service automatically for incoming shipping integrations so that they wind up as complete shipments directly in your cart.
Search criterias
  • Preferred service
    Prioritize a particular shipping service whenever possible.
  • Cheapest shipping service
    Select the cheapest shipping service
  • Fastest shipping service
    Select the shipping service that reaches the recipient fastest. If two are equally fast, the cheapest is selected.
  • Nearest agent
    Select the service with the nearest agent to the recipient address. The services that have home deliveries are selected last. If two services are the same distance to the nearest agent, the cheapest service is selected
  • Nearest delivery (including home delivery)
    Choose the cheapest service with home delivery in the first place. The cheapest service for closest agent in the second place.
  • Max price difference
    Do not select the Preferred service if the loss to the cheapest is more than this value. In that case, the cheapest service will be chosen.
  • Max distance to agent
    Maximum distance to closest agent for shipping products. If the distance is longer, no service is selected automatically.
  • Proof Of Delivery required
    Only select services with Proof Of Delivery (POD) if the content is worth more than the specified value.

Detailed control of shipping services

What shipping services is selectable for your webshop can be managed from the page Shipping services. Where you also can modify how the shipping costs are displayed for your customers in any possible cart integrations for customer controlled shipping.

Automation even for manual input

Through the search page's "Select automatically" button, you can let Fraktjakt make automatic shipping selections even when you manually enter and book your shipping by hand.

Together with our searchable address register, content templates and package templates, this saves a huge amount of time and simplifies even on the occasion when you want to book shipping by hand.

Shipping should be quick & easy!

Avoid the boring input of addresses and shipping information through an automatic connection between your ecommerce system and Fraktjakt.

With Fraktjakt you can easily handle all your shipping online. Fraktjakt is a free service to more easily compare and buy freight services from several different shipping companies with or without their own freight agreements.

A more enjoyable shipping

Shipping should neither be difficult nor time consuming. That's why we offer many simplifying solutions like an Automatic address register, Smarter addresses, Intelligent commodity templates, Smart package templates, Automatic packing optimizations, Shipping integrations, Automatic shipping selections, E-commerce integration and the shipping world's easiest order import for a much faster booking process. You are able to combine invoices even on shipments from different shipping companies and providing really good service goes without saying, where our popular customer support navigates your through all adventures your shipping may experience. Happy shipping!

Goodbye boredom and inefficiency

Get rid of boring and tedious shipping management and let shipping become fun again with Fraktjakt automation.

Join Fraktjakt today!

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