Fraktjakt's privacy policy

Fraktjakt stores certain personal data, ie information that can be directly or indirectly linked to a living person. For example, we save your name and contact information when you create a user account on our website. However, we never save more personal data than is necessary for the following purposes:

  • to deliver quality shipping services according to the Terms and conditions of Fraktjakt,
  • to provide our customers with flexible and secure payment options,
  • to comply with the Accounting Act and other applicable legislation,
  • to send newsletters and offers to customers who have accepted them,
  • to provide the address book functions that are included in some the subscriptions that we offer (See below under Address book.).

To do the above, we save the following personal information about yourself and any other parties that you state as sender, recipient or payer of freight:
  • corporate identity number with business customers who are individually self-employed,
  • name,
  • e-mail address,
  • phone number,
  • physical address (street, house, unit, postal code, city, region and/or country),
  • IP address,
  • any personal information saved in your address book, if you are a business customer with access to this function.

No personal identification number is stored by Fraktjakt except in the case where (1) an individual entrepreneur's company identification number is the same as the entrepreneur's personal number or (2) a physical person receives taxable compensation from Fraktjakt, for example through our affiliate program.

There is a field for entering personal ID numbers in connection with payment with invoice, but if the customer writes his personal number in the field, we do not store the number. Instead, we transfer it to the subcontractor Payer Financial Services, which uses the information to facilitate the completion of the customer's invoice transaction.

We do not store any information other than the above except in the following cases:
  • A customer needs to give us bank account details to receive money from us, for example in case of a claim,
  • A customer enters personal data in an input field that is not intended for personal data without notifying us.

Free text-entry fields

When filling in the details of shipping that you are about to book at, it is important that you do not write any information that can be linked to a living person in the input field, which is not intended for personal data. Otherwise, it will be difficult for us to handle the data correctly.

For example, you should not enter a person's name, e-mail address, phone number, or postal address in the input field to describe the contents of a shipment. If you state that the item contains "Pictures from last summer at Sven Svensson in Svenhult", then this personal information about Sven Svensson is stored in our system and later also in a shipping supplier's system without our knowledge.

If you have accidentally written personal information in the wrong place during the booking process, the Fraktjakt Customer Service can help you remove the information before completing the freight booking.

Address book

An address book is included in some of the subscriptions we offer, such as Fraktjakt+. The following personal information may be stored in an address book in Fraktjakt:

  • name,
  • e-mail address,
  • phone number,
  • physical address (street, house, unit, postal code, city, region and/or country),
  • corporate identity number if the contact is individually self-employed,
  • the contact's customer number in your company,
  • any free text that you have entered for this contact in the address book.

A business customer's address book is not accessible by anyone other than the business' own user(s) in Fraktjakt.

How long is personal data stored, and how do you delete the data?

Personal data that you enter or transfer to Fraktjakt is saved from the time when you actively agreed to become a registered user in Fraktjakt until you deregister, but no more than three years after you last signed in.

You deregister by sending an e-mail to with the heading "Unregister account:" followed by your username in Fraktjakt. We will then contact you and confirm your request before we deregister your account and delete all personal data associated with the account, except for any details of sales transactions that we have to save for a certain time according to law.

If you have saved any personal information in an address book in Fraktjakt (available in Fraktjakt+), you can remove the information using buttons on the pages where you manage your address book. Even if the subscription that gave you access to the address book expires, your contacts are not deleted until your business is removed from Fraktjakt's database or until it has not had any active subscriptions or purchases for three years - whichever occurs first. To remove the address book(s) associated with your business before this time, send an e-mail to with the subject, "Remove address books for company: ", followed by the company's name or corporate identity number. We will then contact the company and verify before removing the address book(s).

Fraktjakt does not save any other personal data when you use our search functions. Not until you buy and/or book a freight service do we store the address information and contact information that is needed for the freight to be able to be carried out.

Note that some information can remain on security back-ups or in log files for up to three months after removal from Fraktjakt's database.

Does Fraktjakt send personal information to third parties?

When you buy or book a freight via Fraktjakt, we forward the address and contact information to the freight company that delivers the physical freight service. The shipping provider's name is always on the website where the freight purchase or booking is executed. You have the opportunity to cancel the purchase if you do not want the shipping provider in question to receive the information.

In addition to the shipping providers, we send information to Payer Financial Services upon the completion of each online purchase so that they can handle the payment transaction. The following personal information can be sent to Payer Financial Services:

  • customer number in Fraktjakt,
  • personal number / social security number (optional, only for invoice purchases),
  • name,
  • phone number,
  • e-mail address,
  • IP address.
If necessary, Payer Financial Services may require you to enter other information during your payment transaction via an encrypted direct connection between your browser and Payer Financial Services server. In that case, they only require such information to handle your payment, and they save the data only as long as the law demands.

On the day you deregister your user account in Fraktjakt, we ensure that any personal data that has been saved at Payer Financial Services is deleted, except for the data that must be stored for a certain time by law.

Physical products that you purchase on may be delivered to you by drop shipping suppliers. In such cases we provide the following personal information to the supplier, in order for them to fulfill your order:
  • your name,
  • your delivery address,
  • the e-mail address that you have provided for delivery notifications,
  • the telephone number that you have provided for delivery notifications.
The drop shipping suppliers retain your personal data only as long as needed to fulfill the order.

If you have given us permission to send you newsletters and offers (See Mail dispatch, below.) your e-mail address will be sent to the company Get a Newsletter Scandinavia AB, which is responsible for sending out our newsletters.

We do not distribute your personal data or other information about you to anyone other than the above parties without your consent.

Where is the data stored?

The data is stored in databases, security back-ups and log files on Fraktjakt's dedicated servers at the Swedish hosting provider, iPeer. Security back-ups and log files are saved for no longer than three months. The above information passed on to subcontractors is stored in other databases and log files of these companies.

Mail dispatch

With your permission, we may send different types of information to you via e-mail, SMS or phone. Examples of information that can be sent are status information about your current freight, freight documents for printing, newsletters, and offers. You can specify which types of information you want to receive on the Personal Settings page.


A cookie is information stored on your computer by your browser. We apply cookies to maintain a user session for you. If you logged in to, your cookie contains information that can be linked to your registered user account in Fraktjakt. In other cases, the cookie is completely anonymous and contains no personal information.

Correction of incorrect personal data

Fraktjakt has the right to correct personal data in accordance with applicable legislation.

Future changes

Fraktjakt reserves the right to make changes to this privacy policy to the extent that the changes are necessary to remedy any disturbances or to meet new legal or technical requirements. All changes to this Privacy Policy will be published on this page.

Please contact us for further information. .

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