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Use Fraktjakt API to integrate Fraktjakt with your IT systems.

Create custom shipping solutions through our open API that makes your everyday shipping easier.

Integrate with Fraktjakt

Fraktjakt provides APIs to registered business customers who want to connect their own applications with Fraktjakt with the purpose of ordering shipping services through Fraktjakt. In order to do this, we assume that you have some basic knowledge of HTML and XML. Suitable applications include business software, e-commerce (webshops) and market sites. Download the API documentation.

If you want to integrate a webshop or business system with Fraktjakt, then we first recommend checking out Our Easy order import or our Existing shipping modules for webshops.


Integrating with our open API is completely free of charge.

Test of API

If you write a custom integration with Fraktjakt you can test your XML calls on the following pages.

Query API Retrieve applicable shipping services and prices (create a shipment)
Requery API Retrieve cached results from a previous Query API call
Order API typ 1 Create a shiment order that is added directly to the shopping cart, based on the shipment created in a previous Query API call.

  Recommended API for customer controlled shipping.

Order API typ 2 Create a shiment with a predetermined shipping product and no need for a previous Query API call. With no capability to compare or automate the choice of shipping service.
Shipment API Create a shiment with no need for a previous Query API call, where the choice of shipping service can be automated or selected manually after the import.

  Recommended API for merchant controlled shipping.

Track&Trace API Track a shipment created in Fraktjakt

Support & assistance

We will gladly help you if you ever run in to any problems during your integration. All questions and feedback on our documenation and products are appreciated. Please contact our support or Join our discussion group.
Quick & Easy integration
Fraktjakt has an open API, where you can integrate free of charge to automate your shipments directly from your own site or business system.
  • Enterprise resource planning system (ERP)
  • Ecommerce system (Web shops)
  • Checkout system
Easy order import
The easiest and quickest way to connect your webshop or business system with Fraktjakt is through our Easy Order Import. The Order Import is completely free of charge and no installation is needed. Get started today!

> Easy order import

Existing shipping modules for webshops
If you do not have the time or knowledge to program your own integration, you can use one of our ready-made solutions for webshops.

> Read more about our complete solutions for shipment integration

API documentation
Fraktjakt's API manual, på svenska
Fraktjakt's API manual, in English
Discussion group
Discussion group at Google Groups for discussions and news related to Fraktjakt's API.

> Join our discussion group

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