Booking of pickup

Fraktjakt can automatically handle your booking of pickup for the shipments that include pickup.

We want to give tips on how to get a successful pickup and avoid common pitfalls.

Shipping services with pickup

Some shipping services include pickup of the carrier. These services are clearly marked already in the search results and Fraktjakt makes it possible for you to automatically book collection electronically at the same time as your shipment purchase.

Default pickup settings for the address

You can check your upcoming pickups at the checkout, change the time, addresses, instructions and even cancel pickup if necessary. In your address book, you can save information and preferences on your default pickup address, so that you do not have to enter them manually every time. There you can enter instructions to the driver and what days and times you are available for collection.

Settings for the pickup

Preferred date and time for pickup

In Fraktjakt you can enter the time and date for when you want the pickup to take place.

Book early if you want pickup today. Several booking offices require that you book before 12 am - 1 pm and some places even earlier. Some carriers use a so-called tour list, which means that not every place is busy every day. To check what applies to your particular location, contact the carrier or Fraktjakt's Customer Service.

Please note! The requested date and time frame can not be guaranteed by the shipping companies, since they may not fit the timetable of the drivers or other unforseen situations may arise that makes the pickup impossible at the selected time frame.

To cancel a pickup

You can choose to cancel the pickup before the shipping is purchased, by either clicking on the options menu to the right of the booking or clicking on the button in the status text.

If you chose to deactivate the booking for pickup, then the shipping provider will not pick up your packages. You must make sure to submit the packages to the shipping providers terminal yourself or arrange a different booking for pickup.

Dead weight
It is important to cancel unwanted pickups before the purchase of your shipments. Dead weight as a result of a cancelled assignment not being cancelled within a reasonable period of time may result in additional fees from the shipping companies.
Cancellation with NTEX Inrikes
Canceling a freight with NTEX Inrikes means that the entire freight is annulled. It cannot be rebooked, but must be re-purchased. A credit fee is charged.

In case of late cancellation, an extra fee corresponding to 70% of the shipping cost is also charged. The break point is at 11:00 am for goods under 7000 kg. At 9am for heavier goods.

Cancellation with DHL Euroconnect

If you cancel a pickup for DHL Euroconnect you will be charged DHL's cancellation fee

Important information about pickup

Upon pickup, the goods must already be packaged, addressed, placed and ready for immediate collection. Each package must be addressed with the shipping label and other shipping documents that Fraktjakt provides for printing, unless otherwise stated.

Multiple shippers

If you have booked pickup from several different shipping companies, then you need to clearly separate the packages, preferably with package cages per clearly marked with each shipping company's name, so that the packages are not picked up by the wrong carrier.

Dead weight

It is important to cancel unwanted pickups before the purchase of your shipments. Dead weight as a result of a cancelled assignment not being cancelled within a reasonable period of time may result in additional fees from the shipping companies.

Missed pickup

If for some reason the shipper misses the pickup, the shipper's practice is that you have to book a new pickup. Contact our support, and we will help you to book a new pickup.

Automatic booking for pickup

Fraktjakt automatically books your pickups for you. You can disable the automatic pickup bookings under your company's settings.

Choose whether you want Fraktjakt to automatically book pickup when the shipment is purchased or not. If you deactivate our automatic pickup bookings, you must in that case make sure to deliver the packages to the shipping company's terminal or arrange another booking of pickup at a later time or through a standing booking of pickup.

The following services are always booked with purchase
The bookings for these shipping services are submitted with the EDI. Therefore it's not possible to postpone the booking.
  • DHL Freight - EUROCONNECT (Export)
  • DHL Freight - EUROCONNECT (Import)
  • Ntex Inrikes AB - Transport
  • Ntex Inrikes AB - Transport, bakgavellift
  • DHL Freight - EUROCONNECT with pre-advice (Export)
  • DHL Freight - EUROCONNECT with pre-advice (Import)

Receiver paid shipping

In the case of receiver paid shipments, it is the sender of the shipment who books the pickup in all cases where the booking does not have to be sent in EDI together with the purchase of the shipment.

An email with instructions on how to properly handle the shipment will be sent to the sender's email address.

Does it seem complicated?

No worries! Our popular customer support will gladly help you on all the possible adventures your shipments will experience. Ship assured!

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