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Make shipping fun again!

Fraktjakt is so much more than just the best shipping to the best price.
We give you a better shipping experience!

Fraktjakt optimizes your shipping costs and provides you with industry-unique solutions such as our easy order import, automatic packing calculations, custom designed tracking pages, notification mail, built-in return shipping and other automations and simplifications of your shipping process.
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Start e-commerce with built-in shipping solution

One click and you are up and running with a complete online store and shipping solution in one.

We want to make it easy for you to get started with e-commerce without having to be technically savvy.

Create both a new online store and shipping link with a single click. Your new online store automatically gets Sweden's smartest shipping solution pre-installed. All in one package ready to use.

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Buy and book shipments from all major carriers directly with Fraktjakt.

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