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Make shipping fun again!

Fraktjakt is so much more than just the best shipping to the best price.
We give you a better shipping experience!

Fraktjakt optimizes your shipping costs and provides you with industry-unique solutions such as our easy order import, automatic packing calculations, custom designed tracking pages, notification mail, built-in return shipping and other automations and simplifications of your shipping process.
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Extended support for customs declarations

International shipping can be a jungle. Take advantage of Fraktjakt's all years of experience, of unexpectedly adventurous shipping and exciting customs missions, for a successful import and export.

We have updated Fraktjakt with built-in support for new customs terms such as VOEC and UK Supply VAT, but also increased our support for creating basic customs documents with REX numbers, Eori, TIN and Taric codes when needed for your freight, and which regions they are. applicable to such as the EU, EEA, GSP, OCTs and other free trade agreements.

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