Fraktjakt is so much more than just the best shipping to the best price. We give you a better shipping experience!

Send Packages & Pallets

Domestic & International, cheap & simple

Make shipping fun again! Fraktjakt optimizes your shipping costs and provides you with industry-unique solutions such as our easy order import, automatic packing calculations, custom designed tracking pages, notification mail, built-in return shipping and other automations and simplifications of your shipping process.
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Smarter address register

We don't really need to give you more reasons to use Fraktjakt+, but for our premium customers we have provided yet another smart function.

Our automatic address register is extended to a complete address book to save your contacts which will really simplify your shipping.

Each contact can have several addresses linked to it, as well as contact information and language choices.

And of course, the contacts are fully searchable, editable and you can also choose to have new contacts automatically created from your previous and coming shipments.

In addition, there is fully searchable statistics on how many and which shipments to or from each contact.

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