How to pack

How to pack properly

It is important to package the goods well. Poorly packaged goods are not replaced by the freight companies and if they risk damaging other packages, you can be fined.

External packaging

Use a strong and protective outer packaging. It must withstand vibrations, shocks and pressures from other packages, machines and trucks.

Inner packaging

Cover the goods with a soft protective inner packaging, such as bubble wrap, newsprint or corrugated cardboard, which provides protection against vibration, shock and pressure. Ensure that the packaged goods do not lie directly against the inside of the outer packaging. The product should not move in the carton during transport.


If the contents of the product are liquid, the container must also be carefully enclosed in absorbent material or wrapped in its own plastic bag and with cushioning material so that no leakage occurs at any damage.


Cover the outer packaging with tape on both length and width to protect the contents of the package during transportation. Do not use cords when sealing packaging, as they risk getting caught in something in connection with shipping.

Stackable pallets

Pallets that can be placed on top of each other are called stackable. They must meet the following requirements:
  • A smooth horizontal surface at the top so that another pallet can be stacked on top.
  • Sturdy enough to allow another EUR pallet of the same weight to be stacked on top during transport.
  • The goods must be well packaged to withstand transport, fixed and stable on the pallet. Use tape, shrink film or similar.

Good packaging

The packaging must be made of a strong and impact-resistant material that can handle normal goods handling, collective loading, automatic sorting and load securing.

A good package means that the package can be released from 1.5 meter without being damaged and transported with other packages stacked.

If the package is inadequate, you will not be able to get any compensation for damaged goods. Please be very careful when packing and don't leave anything to chance.

Content attractive to thieves

Theft-prone and valuable goods must be packaged in as neutral packaging as possible. If possible, avoid signage with the company logo and the contents of the package.

Prohibited content

You may not send dangerous goods with a freight service purchased through Fraktjakt. For some services, a so-called limited amount of dangerous goods may be sent if you have first been granted an exemption and taken the necessary measures. The consignor is responsible for ensuring that all additional documentation is available and that permission is granted by the shipping company.

  Read more about Prohibited and dangerous content.

Manuals about packing

Information about packaging
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