My addresses — Faster & easier

No one likes to fill in the same information over and over again.

Our automatic address book gives you quick and easy access to all your addresses.

With or without integrations

Even if you lack an integration, Fraktjakt can simplify your input of addresses with our automatic address book.

With our automatic address book you do not have to enter recurring recipient addresses by hand. Many companies have recurring shipments to the same recipient. Therefore, our automatic address book is a real time saver for those who do not have integration with Fraktjakt.

A simpler address list or a complete address book

Free accounts have access to our simpler automatic address list, where you can retrieve your previous addresses to your chosen country and postal code in a simple address list.

Our premium customers with Fraktjakt+ are given access to a complete address book divided into contacts. Where each contact can have multiple addresses linked to them, with contact details and language choices, to speed up the shipping input further.

Of course, the contacts are fully searchable, editable and you can also create new contacts automatically from your previous shipment.

Get started with a click!

With your personal address book you can quickly and easily add different recipient and/or sender addresses. To make it extra smooth, Fraktjakt can also automatically fill your address book from your past and future shipments.

There is a button to import contacts from your existing shipments, as well as a setting to automatically create contacts from shipments whose addresses do not match your current contacts.

Built-in statistics

With the address book you get access to easy-to-see statistics on how many shipments you sent to each contact. You can also click on the number to view the freight in a list of all shipments to and from that contact.

Send directly from the address book

When it's time to book shipping, you can quickly access your addresses, either from Fraktjakt's shipping page and/or directly from your address book by clicking on 'send to' or 'send from'.

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