You may never send dangerous goods with a freight service purchased through Fraktjakt. Dangerous goods are substances that may pose a risk to health, safety, property or the environment when it is transported or used, or which the carrier categorizes as dangerous goods.

Prohibited content

It is forbidden to send the following items:

  • Batteries or items containing batteries (due to the risk of fire);
  • Compressed, condensed gases, such as fire extinguishers, lighters and aerosol sprays;
  • Flammable and explosive materials, such as solvents, paints, cleaning agents, varnishes, gasoline, pyrotechnic materials, etc.;
  • Oxidized substances and organic peroxides, such as hair and textile paints, bleaches, adhesives;
  • Toxic, corrosive, contagious or radioactive substances;
  • Other hazardous substances, such as anesthetics and chemicals that cause strong discomfort when leaked;
  • Strong magnetic materials;
  • Alcoholic drinks or tobacco;
  • Medicines or drugs;
  • Goods that require cooling or heating;
  • Dead or live animals (with few exceptions), human remains or ashes;
  • Precious items, such as gold, silver, gems, coins, bank notes and securities;
  • Weapons, weapon parts or replicas.

It is forbidden to send aerosols & spray / glass bottles, and all products containing any kind of alcohol / flammable substances such as nail polish, acetone, perfume, deodorant, aftershave, perfume spray, medicine, lighters, matches, mascara, etc. These items are immediately stopped at the security check.

Most shipments of batteries are stopped immediately at the security check, and you may be charged for violations of these rules. The ban on batteries includes all items that contain batteries, such as computers, mobile phones, screwdrivers, and other electronic items. For smaller shipments, there may be special exceptions to the ban, but if you do intend to send an item containing a battery you must verify strict compliance with the current terms and conditions of your chosen shipping company.

If a shipment contains food, the manufacturer and the manufacturer's address must be specified.

Additionally, any spices, perfumes, chemicals or electronic equipment can be classified as dangerous goods and therefore be subject to additional charges.

Read the terms and conditions

More exceptions can be found under each service and shipper, so read more detailed info under the terms for the corresponding service and shipper.

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Pack safely

It is important to package the goods well. Poorly packaged goods are not replaced by the freight companies and if they risk damaging other packages, you can be fined.

Import ban on wood!

There's an import ban for many international destinations on wooden packaging.

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