Even more Fraktjakt with Fraktjakt+

Fraktjakt+ is a premium service in Fraktjakt, which gives your company and your customers an ads free shipping experience and access to many exclusive benefits like Custom track and trace, Custom return shipment, Searchable address book, Custom notifications as well as Easier order import.

* Please note that prices exclude VAT.

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Service Fraktjakt Fraktjakt+
Cost SEK 0 From SEK 79
Low shipping costs
Fraktjakt can help you save up to 50% on domestic shipping and up to 70% on international shipping. This is possible thanks to our volume-based contract prices with the shipping companies.
Yes Yes
Consolidated Invoice
Consolidated Invoice for all shipping companies and services.
Daily Invoice or Weekly Invoice.
Yes Yes
Payment terms 10 days 20 days
Custom notifications
Fraktjakt sends smart mail notifications that inform your customers about the freight. These can Fraktjakt+ Customers adapt to more personal letters to their recipients.
No Yes
Custom return shipment
Support for easy handling of return shipping to your customers. Fraktjakt+ Customers can customize layout and text on the pages where your customers handle the return shipping.
No Yes
Personal tracking pages
Fraktjakt has an eagle eye on your shipments and tracks all shipments with a gorgeous mobile friendly interface and combined layout for all shipping companies. This can be customized further to fully personal tracking pages with your own logo, text, colors and layout for your recipients.
No Yes
Easy order import
Fraktjakt has an open API, where you can integrate free of charge to automate your shipments directly from your own site or business system.
The easiest and quickest way to connect your webshop or business system with Fraktjakt is through our Easy Order Import.
No Yes
Searchable address book
A complete address book with contacts. Where each contact can have multiple addresses connectedm with contact information and locale, to speed up your shipping.

All contacts are of course fully searchable, editable and can also be created from your previous shipments.

No Yes
Shipment statistics
With our shipment statistics we offer a requested overview of your company's shipping. From the day you started using Fraktjakt, down to individual years, months or days, broken down by shipping company or freight contract and in line, area or bar chart. The choice is yours.

Here you can follow your development and discover trends that you might otherwise have missed.

No Yes
Anonymize content
Anonymize the printed declaration of goods on all shipping documents, to enable shipping of sensitive or secret content.

Fraktjakt will still submit the correct content description to the shipping companies electronically and on shipping documents outside of EU, that require the information.

No Yes
Create packing slips
Fraktjakt can automatically create packing slips customized with customer message and your business logotype. These will be available for printing along your regular shipping documents in A4 format.
No Yes
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