Fraktjakt's Terms and conditions

The following general conditions apply to the use of the web service and the sale of goods and freight services by Fraktjakt AB, 556751-9011 (hereinafter referred to as "Fraktjakt"), unless otherwise specifically agreed in writing between the respective customer (hereinafter "the Customer") and Fraktjakt. When selling to a consumer, Fraktjakt uses the mandatory rules that follow from the applicable legislation.

Fraktjakt takes responsibility for your shipment from booking to delivery, all in accordance with the carrier's terms. Please contact our customer support if you need more information about an existing shipment order, our purchasing terms or generally about our services.

As a buyer of goods and / or freight services through Fraktjakt, you must be over 18 years of age. Fraktjakt does not include agreements with minors (under the age of 18) without legal consent.

You may never send dangerous goods with a shipping service you purchase through Fraktjakt. Dangerous goods are substances that may pose a risk to health, safety, property or the environment when it is transported or used, or which the carrier categorizes as dangerous goods. Read more on our page about Prohibited and dangerous content

The user who carries out the purchase of the shipping service through Fraktjakt, is obliged to ensure that the goods to be sent correspond to the contents of the shipment according to the information that the user enters during the course of the purchase, and that the weight and size that the user has entered corresponds to the shipment's actual dimensions.

The user who has entered incorrect or misleading information during the purchase, shall compensate Fraktjakt for any additional costs and financial damage that may result from the user violating these regulations. See 'Additional Charge' below.

When purchasing shipments using Fraktjakt's Group Agreement (our own shipping contracts with carriers), all contact between the Customer and the carrier must be made via Fraktjakt's customer service. If the Customer directly contacts the carrier to change/alter purchased shipments (e.g. address corrections/changes, returns, etc.) then the Customer has implicitly approved any and all subsequent shipment related surcharges applied by the carrier. The Customer can be invoiced afterwards for such surcharges, and the invoice cannot then be subject to dispute.

Fraktjakt is entitled to demand compensation from the user if the service is abused. See 'Additional Charge' below.

Fraud will be reported to the police.

Prices shown do not include any taxes and duties that may be levied in the recipient country.

Keep in mind that you cannot undo the purchase once you have completed the payment, as we begin processing your shipment as soon as you have paid. Purchased shipping documents are valid for 20 days. Unused shipping documents are not credited and cannot be used after the validity period.

Shipping documents

After a freight purchase through Fraktjakt, you MUST print out all freight documents. Missing freight documents may mean that the freight company charges a surcharge or, at worst, you are denied pickup.

The shipping documents and shipment numbers that Fraktjakt creates for you when you purchase a shipment may only be used once. If you use another shipping document / shipping number, you will be invoiced directly by the carrier, most likely a different price than what you paid to Fraktjakt.

If you do not print your shipping label before the carrier comes to pick up your shipment. What then?

It may then happen that the carrier "helps" by providing your shipment with a brand new freight label that has a completely different shipping number than what is connected to your order in the Fraktjakt system. In such a case, you will receive an invoice directly from the carrier for shipping that goes on a new shipping number.
Always print your freight documents before the pickup takes place!


We cannot guarantee that booked pick-up will be executed if the Customer stated inaccuracies in the purchase process that require changes in the carrier's and / or Fraktjakt's system, for example: the reservation with the carrier, incorrect information in the freight document and / or customs documents.

Fraktjakt also reflects the carrier's terms of service when booking a transport that is not covered by a warranty service where pick-up times are preliminary and do not constitute a time commitment. The sender is obliged to be available, present the correct goods (clearly separate goods between different shippers), documentation and ensure that all packages are addressed with freight documents printed from Fraktjakt. If the driver has missed a pickup or to load goods, the sender must get in touch with Fraktjakt customer service.

Delivery times

Transit times and delivery commitments may vary from what is displayed depending on the origin and destination of the shipment.

In the transit time shown, no clearance delay is included. Some goods and highly valued items may require additional transit time for clearance.

For more information on delivery times prior to your freight purchase, see the carrier's website or contact Fraktjakt's Customer Service.

Subscription terms and conditions

Subscription period
Purchasing a subscription from Fraktjakt gives you access to the contents of the subscription during the subscription period, which begins as soon as you confirm the order that includes the subscription.

  • Fraktjakt Plus - choose between monthly, quarterly and yearly subscriptions.
  • Individual Shipping Contract - monthly
  • Membership contract - yearly

The subscription can be canceled before the end of the subscription period by turning off Auto-renewal of the subscription which you find under your Subscriptions page. Otherwise, the subscription is automatically renewed when the period expires.

Auto-renewal causes a new subscription period to begin immediately after the previous subscription period ends, and you will continue to be charged according to the terms of the renewed subscription.

A subscription that has ended cannot be renewed; it must be purchased anew. During the time after a subscription ends and the time that it is purchased anew, its contents will not be available to the subscriber, and the subscriber has no right to compensation for any of the subscription contents that were unavailable during this period.

A subscription may not be renewed automatically (Auto-renewal) if the customer has not been granted credit.

You may request a refund for a new subscription within seven days of ordering it, provided that you have not already booked or purchased shipments or other services through the subscription or used the subscription in any other way.

You may request a refund for a renewed subscription within seven days of the start of the new subscription period if it is prepaid - and otherwise within seven days of the date that the first invoice containing any charges for the renewed subscription is issued - provided that you have not already booked or purchased shipments or other services through the subscription or used the subscription in any other way.

Subscriptions may not be returned or refunded in any circumstances other than those specified above.

Fraktjakt reserves the right to refuse orders of subscriptions that were previously cancelled prematurely or refunded by the orderer.

Shipping contracts terms and conditions

When using your own freight agreement through Fraktjakt, an agreement is entered into regarding transport between the Customer and the carrier directly. Fraktjakt is in no way responsible for the transport services. Fraktjakt is not responsible for damage due to reason, error in and when printing of freight documents or damage that arises due to errors in and during the transmission of information.

It is the Customer's own responsibility to update their shipping rates when the carriers make price adjustments. This applies to the freight services where prices are not automatically collected from the carrier's system.

Worth noting when booking with your own individual shipping contract is that you have entered into an agreement with the carrier yourself, that you will be invoiced for the cost of your transport directly from your carrier. In this case, Fraktjakt only acts as a traditional TMS, where questions about your shipping, invoices and complaints are taken directly with your carrier.

Fraktjakt SHOP

The following terms apply specifically to the sale of goods in the online store Fraktjakt SHOP:

Price changes
Fraktjakt reserves the right to change the prices in the webshop at any time.

Orders that take place on weekdays before 14:00 will be treated during the same day. Orders that take place another time, weekend or weekday after 14.00 is handled as if the order was made the next weekday. Normal delivery time is between 1-4 days depending on where in the country the recipient is. The Customer is not entitled to any compensation for delayed delivery.

Invoicing and payment terms
The payment terms reflect the Fraktjakt's normal invoice and payment terms.

Cancellation rights
When purchasing goods from Fraktjakt, you as a private consumer have, according to the law (2005:59) on distance contracts, in certain cases the right to withdraw from a purchase (right of withdrawal). This means that as a private consumer you have the right to cancel your purchase by notifying Fraktjakt within 14 days from the day you received the ordered item. The item must be returned as agreed with Fraktjakt and in unbroken packaging.

The Customer has the right to return products that the Customer does not wish to keep within 14 days. Upon return, the return note issued by Fraktjakt must be sent with the items. The product must be returned in original condition and in unbroken packaging. Always contact Fraktjakt before sending an item back. Return shipping is paid by the Customer.

Defects / Claims
Any defects in products must be reported within 7 days from receipt of the product by the buyer. Visible transport damage must be reported directly to the driver and noted on the consignment note upon receipt. The Customer must always contact Fraktjakt on the day that delivery was made to report transport damages. If the damage is not visible on the outer packaging, damage must be reported to us by mail or telephone no later than 7 days after the delivery has been received. After this time no compensation is payable.

Non-redeemed packages
In the event of a shipment not being redeemed, the original freight cost plus the cost of the return will be invoiced. We credit 80% of the value of the item. An invoice fee of SEK 32.00 will be added (SEK 40.00 including VAT).

We reserve the right against possible printing errors on the website, that product images do not always correspond to the actual item, and for discontinued and/or sold-out items.

Integration - Fraktjakts API

Fraktjakt offers APIs to registered corporate Customers who want to connect their own applications with Fraktjakt with the purpose of ordering freight services from Fraktjakt. Use of the APIs to only retrieve price information and without the intention of ordering freight services from Fraktjakt is strictly prohibited. Fraktjakt reserves the right, without notice, to block the use of the APIs for Customers who use these services incorrectly.

Additional Billing

The carrier's surcharge
You may be additionally charged a fee of SEK 80.00 + VAT for all extra handling of the shipment performed by the carrier, according to each carrier's own terms of service. Some examples where it may be relevant with additional charge:
  • The recipient has been notified of the shipment (where notification is not included in the service)
  • New delivery after notification
  • Dimensions / weight outside product specification
  • Non-redeemed package / pallet that the carrier returns to the sender
  • Incomplete, incorrect transport document, (non-readable bar code due to poor print, printing on plain paper)
  • Goods that are not machine-sortable, such as tube packaging
The recipient is a company and the delivery of the package has not been possible because no one is in place to receipt the package. The driver takes the package back to the terminal and the recipient is contacted ("extra notification") in order to agree on when a new delivery should be executed. For this procedure, there are additional fees for extra notification and new delivery. The sender is charged according to the carrier's current price list, which in this example involves an extra notification fee of SEK 60 and an extra delivery fee of SEK 65 plus an invoice fee of SEK 32.00 + VAT.
In total, the additional charge in this example will be SEK 157.00 kr + VAT (25%).
If Fraktjakt needs to be involved, we also charge a supplement fee of SEK 80.00 + VAT (25%).
The recipient is in Serbia and extradition of the package has not been possible because the recipient cannot be found or otherwise cannot be reached. The carrier then sends the package back to the sender. The sender is charged according to the carrier's current price list, which in this example means a transport fee of SEK 607 and an address correction for $ 10. The transport fee is normally according to the carrier's regular price list and without the Fraktjakt's discounts. In total, the example additional charge will be SEK 690 + VAT (25%). If Fraktjakt needs to be involved, we also charge a supplement fee of SEK 80.00 + VAT (25%).

The price for the above-mentioned additional charges from the carrier are according to the carrier's price list for their products and their additional services / fees.

The additional charge is in the form of an invoice that specifies all the current fees plus an invoice fee of SEK 32.00 + VAT.

Customs duties
Freight purchases do not include customs duties / taxes. Fraktjakt is not the owner of the goods. These fees shall be charged to the recipient in the country in which the freight is shipped to and according to the tax rules and fees that apply for imports. If the customs agent cannot charge this cost to the recipient, the sender is always invoiced this fee afterward.

Attempted fraud
You will be charged a fee of SEK 500 + VAT for the extra work you have caused as the result of any of the following activities.
  • Sends an annulled / canceled shipping
  • Indicates false freight dimensions to manipulate the shipping cost
Depending on how serious a fraud it is, the Customer can also be reported to the police and the account closed for further purchases in Fraktjakt.
The user states that the package weighs 6 kg and with dimensions 70x30x20 and pays a price of SEK 205 (excl. VAT) to Fraktjakt. It turns out that the package actually weighs 17 kg and measured 131x41x18 cm. The actual cost to be paid to Fraktjakt is SEK 339 excluding VAT. The Customer is charged the difference between the amount that would have been paid correctly and the actual amount paid (SEK 339 - SEK 205 = SEK 134) plus the additional charge SEK 500 plus an invoice fee of SEK 32.00 + VAT.

Payment security

Fraktjakt guarantees that the payment options offered on the Fraktjakt's website are safe. Fraktjakt offers payment by Swish and a secure card payment with VISA and MasterCard in collaboration with Payer Financial Services AB (Payer). Payer is a payment service provider under the supervision of Finansinspektionen and is PCI-certified according to PCI DSS Level 1 and approved by VISA and MasterCard. When paying by card, the Customer is sent to a secure site with an SSL certificate at Payer, where the Customer can safely fill in his card details and carry out the payment. Fraktjakt never handles the Customer's card details.

Invoicing terms and conditions

Customers who have been granted credit can choose to purchase on invoice.

Invoice customers will have all purchases consolidated on a daily or weekly invoice, depending on the approved invoice frequency. Weekly invoices are created each Saturday.

The customer's invoices can be seen at any time by logging on to and selecting My pages followed by Invoices. Each invoice is sent by e-mail, e-invoice or letter, depending on the customer's settings. If the customer has chosen delivery via e-invoice without having a bank account that is registered to receive EDI, then the invoice will be sent by letter instead. The customer is obliged to pay the invoices on time even if the delivery is delayed or fails. Invoice copies in PDF format are available under My pages for a maximum of 2 years after the invoice date.

For invoices delivered via e-mail or EDI (E-invoice), no invoicing fee is applied.
For invoices delivered by letter, an invoicing fee of SEK 32 (SEK 40 incl. VAT) will be applied.

Payment terms for Fraktjakt+ customers is 20 days. For other customers, 10 days applies.
An invoice is due for payment on the 'expiration date' (Förfallodatum) shown on the invoice.

In case of late payment

Private individuals: In the event of non-payment or late payment, a reminder fee of SEK 60 will be added. A default interest rate if, according to the reference interest rate applicable at any given time, increased by 8 percentage points calculated from the original due date, will also be added. If no payment is made thereafter, the claim may be handed over for debt collection handling where additional debt collection costs of SEK 180 will be added.

Company: In case of non-payment or late payment, a late fee of SEK 65 will be added. A default interest rate if, according to the reference interest rate applicable at any given time, increased by 8 percentage points calculated from the original due date, will also be added. If no payment is made thereafter, the claim may be handed over for debt collection handling where additional debt collection costs may be added.

In addition, the customer risks losing its credit with Fraktjakt (the right to purchase on invoice is withdrawn) and in more extreme cases risks account deactivation.

Prepaid balance terms and conditions

A Customer can use their Prepaid balance as a payment method in their shopping cart.

A Customer can fill their Prepaid balance by depositing funds by card or Swish payment.
Minimum amount to deposit is 1000 SEK, the maximum amount is 25 000 SEK.

A Customer can request to close out their Prepaid balance account. Fraktjakt charges a 250 SEK administration fee for calculating the final account statement and closure. Any outstanding balance minus the administration fee will be paid back to the Customer (withdrawal). Outstanding balances of 250 SEK or less are not paid out.

There are 4 transaction types that can be displayed in the Customer's balance history:

  • deposit - The Customer deposits money into their balance.
  • withdrawal - Customer requested withdrawal when closing the account.
  • credit - Fraktjakt deposits money to the Customer's balance (e.g. if the Customer wishes it instead of a payment to the Customer's bank account).
  • debit - The Customer uses their Prepaid balance as a means of payment in Fraktjakt.
  • Has a Prepaid balance account not been used for 18 months via deposit, credit or debit and where the Customer under the period of 18 months not requested withdrawal by closing your balance account, the remaining balance will be reset to zero (burn in).


    An invoice fee will be added when crediting the entire invoice. See our 'Invoicing Terms & Conditions.'
    In the event of any crediting of purchases paid using card, Swish or direct bank, a crediting fee of SEK SEK 0.00 will be added.


    All claims are made to Fraktjakt via our forms for either Damaged Goods or Missing Goods.

    A Customer who has submitted a claim regarding a freight purchased from Fraktjakt shall not contact the carrier directly about the claim unless expressly instructed to do so by Fraktjakt in writing.

    Any and all payments to the Customer for the claim will be made by Fraktjakt. Under no circumstances shall the Customer accept any monetary payment from the carrier for the claim. Violation of this voids the Customer's right to any compensation/refund från Fraktjakt for the claim.

    The outcome of any claim for refunds and/or compensation due to loss or damage during delivery is determined by the carrier, in accordance with the carrier's terms (The Customer must read and approve the carrier's terms before completing a purchase.).

    All invoices must be paid on time in accordance with the payment terms that the Customer approved at the time of purchase, even if the Customer initiates a claim regarding the invoiced shipments or otherwise reports loss or damage. Upon the carrier's approval of compensation, Fraktjakt will refund the approved damages and purchase price. However, no matter what the outcome of the claim is, Fraktjakt will not refund any fees that the Customer may have incurred by neglecting to pay an invoice in time.

    Keep in mind that:
    • Visible damage must be reported immediately, you should make sure that the representative or driver notes the damage upon delivery;
    • Different shipping companies may have liability limitations for certain type of goods. Such limitations apply even if the goods have been additionally insured;
    • Hidden damaged content must be reported no later than 5 days after receipt to Fraktjakt;
    • Carriers Fedex and UPS have no time limit for locating missing shipments, and no compensation for lost goods will be determined before they complete their search;
    • All other carriers deem a shipped item to be lost if 30-60 days have passed since the shipment was handed over to them, and they still haven't located it.
    Both the sender and the recipient can make a claim.

    IMPORTANT! Don't forget to get the shipping provider's representative (driver) sign on the shipping manifest when you, as the sender, have handed over your shipment.
    The signed shipping manifest is required to prove that you have really handed the shipment over to the shipper in the case that a complaint is made about a missing shipment.

    When compensation is paid for company services, the Swedish Tax Agency's rules for the shippers apply: VAT is never paid out on complaints..

    Claim form - fill in and send to Fraktjakt.


    Fraktjakt has the right to place a lien on goods if a Customer has not paid what is owed. In the event of unpaid debt, Fraktjakt has the right to redirect shipments and sieze the goods, and sell so much of the goods that Fraktjakt's total receivables are covered. Fraktjakt shall, as far as possible, inform the Customer in good time of the measures which Fraktjakt intends to take for the sale of the goods. If the debt is paid after the goods have been seized, the Customer is responsible for both warehouse rental cost and the cost of shipping the goods back to the client. The Customer has 10 days to pay outstanding receivables after the goods have been seized before the sales action begins.

    The correctness of the website

    Fraktjakt strives to ensure that the information available on the website is correct. This also applies to information that is downloaded from the website (such as manuals, forms, etc.). However, we cannot guarantee this because a freight supplier can make price or product adjustments that we have not been able to index. We do not take any financial responsibility for any problems that the information we present here may cause. Inaccuracies or typographical errors will be corrected as Fraktjakt detects them. Most of the information on Fraktjakt is maintained via independent sites in Sweden. If you find inaccuracies, please report it to us.

    Third party information

    The products and services mentioned on Fraktjakt may be subject to information available from third parties. Brand and information presented here belong to the respective supplier. The information on Fraktjakt is provided without warranty. Fraktjakt is not responsible under any circumstances for specific damages that the information on this site may have caused. Freight suppliers whose product information, price information, and terms are displayed on Fraktjakt cannot be held responsible for incorrect information on Fraktjakt. The information that freight providers present on their own websites applies when purchasing their products and services.

    Your comments

    Fraktjakt wants to get your feedback and appreciate your suggestions, but cannot answer all the comments individually. Fraktjakt is free to use and act on the information you send to us.

    Use of functions on the website

    On the Fraktjakt website, there are interactive functions, eg. price comparison, and searching of shipping companies. You are authorized to use the functions solely for the intended purpose.

    Links to other websites

    On the Fraktjakt website, there are links to other websites. We have no control over the content of the websites and take no responsibility for the content or functionality of these.


    By using Fraktjakt you consent to our privacy policy.


    Fraktjakt reserves the right to not accept / approve a registered user if Fraktjakt suspects that the user will use Fraktjakt in a misleading or inappropriate manner.


    We disclaim responsibility for technical errors. The users of the service do not, in any case, have the right to direct any claim against the Fraktjakt because of malfunction or other faults that may occur. With this, the Customer also accepts that software may contain (bug) program errors. Users of Fraktjakt are not entitled to claim compensation for financial or other damage that alleged errors could have caused. Fraktjakt has the right to make planned breaks for repairs and updates. Planned interruptions will be announced on the Fraktjakt website.


    If a dispute arises, the parties shall first and foremost resolve this through their own agreement.

    If you are a resident or based in the EU, you can turn to the EU website for dispute resolution.


    If you have any questions or concerns about Fraktjakt's general terms and conditions, please contact our customer service.

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    All rights reserved.

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