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Utrikes styckegods < 2500 kg till företag.


En kopia av Schenkers villkor kan hittas här: http://www.fraktjakt.se/downloads/Schenker_priser_och_villkor_land.pdf

No guaranteed delivery time!
The service has no time guarantee, so delay is not a reason for complaint.

Package limits

Max package weight 1500,00 kg
Max package volume 6,940
Max package length 240,00 cm
Max package width 180,00 cm
Max package height 220,00 cm
Minimum package length 0,10 cm
Min kollibredd 0,10 cm
Min package height 0,10 cm


Terms Door to door delivery is included in the service.
Delivered to Companies 

Estimated delivery time

Express service No
Last arrival time 17:00   (Under normal conditions)
Short description

2-5 vardagar


Leveranstid mellan 2-5 dagar beroende på avstånd. Se www.schenker.se för turlista.

Pickup days business days

Valid countries

Sends from
Sends to
Storbritannien / United Kingdom
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