Reclaim damaged package

All claims are made to Fraktjakt AB. Since our responsibility for the shipment ends after payment and printing of shipping labels, the Shipping Company's own investiation and decision applies.

The outcome of this claim will be determined by the carrier in accordance with the carrier's terms, which you approved when you purchased the freight from Fraktjakt AB.

IMPORTANT: If you were invoiced for this shipment, make sure to pay the invoice on time. Upon the carrier's approval of compensation, we will refund all approved damages and refunds to you. However, no matter what the outcome of the claim is, we will not refund any fees related to failure to pay your invoice in accordance with the payment terms.

Please remember to keep goods and all packaging that was used until the complaint process is completed:Visible damage is reported immediately (with agent or driver leaving) A note on the receipt must be provided for the damage.

Hidden damage is reported within 7 days of receipt.

Please attach documentation that proves the value you want to be reimbursed, copy of original invoice, retail invoice or receipt). According to the Swedish Tax Agency's rules for Company, VAT will never be refunded upon complaint.

Fraktjakts Shipment number
Delivery date
Current location
Hidden/Visible damage

Bank account information for eventual deposit
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Photos: (Do not forget to attach photos of your package to the email that is generated by this form)

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